High-speed, high-precision, low-heat, low-vibration, and low-noise

 Small to extra-large structure grinding

 Applicable to all kinds of materials (Metals, non-metals,
  rubber, timber, synthetic resins, and glass)

For all kinds of precision works

 Attached to CNC, M/C

 Ultra-mini drill (PCB Hole Drilling)

 Dice machining

 Optical lens and drill grinding

C Type T Type M Type


Spindle No. Outline Drawing Remark
TbSB-052-113-X205 6,000Rpm
TbSB-052-123-X174 6,000Rpm
TbSB-060-177-X259 15,000Rpm
TbSB-064-160-X232 8,000Rpm
TbSB-065-158-X208 5,000Rpm
TbSB-070-250-X686 11,000Rpm
TbSB-074-070-X241 8,000Rpm
TbSL-084L-240-X308 30,000Rpm (AirOil Type)
TbSB-100-208-X368 15,000Rpm
TbSB-100-390-X490 5,000Rpm
TbSB-114-350-X587 5,000Rpm
TbSB-120-300-X709 5,000Rpm
TbSB-152-325-X396 6,000Rpm
TbSB-165-314-X402 4,000Rpm


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